Sunday, January 17, 2010

Salt and Dream Jobs

Though I'm learning more than I ever expected to know about salt from Mark Kurlansky's Salt, it's the secondary material that really interests me. For instance, he mentions Sarah Josepha Hale, who edited Godey's Lady's Book from 1837 t0 1877. Now, I know nothing about Ms. Hale except that she held a dream job for 40 years. She was 90 when she retired from the magazine. Can you imagine?

That's the life I used to fantasize about. However, after trekking the job-hunters' trail through 2009, a one-year appointment is looking pretty good now. But to want to keep going to work every day through your 70s and 80s must be some kind of wonderful.

Do you know what kind of work that would be for you? At what kind of place? With what kind of people? If so, then you've figured out the job you should have.

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