Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bizzy, Bizzy

Dearest Lull Followers,

My apologies for neglecting you this week. I've been stepping up my job-hunting efforts—thinking through a résumé redesign, parking myself on LinkedIn, making connections, recovering from a botched interview—and hunting for new specs (which was easier back in the day because there were very few boutiques to choose from for unique glasses; now it's difficult to find specs that you don't already see on five other people). Plus I've been up with the pooch in the middle of the wintry night every night. I'm a wee bit tired. She probably is too.

I must confess that I really expected to have a new job by now. January 30 will mark my one-year anniversary of unenjoyment and it would be great to hit that milestone with a job in the bag. But I know what the reality is likely to be. And I know what that is going to feel like. I'll have to mark the date somehow. It will probably involve more burning people.

Chin up. Shame and hurt brushed aside. Put your perseverance on full throttle. Here we go into 2010…

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