Friday, January 8, 2010

Give Your Tree A Fond Farewell

If you're wondering what to do with that dry fir in the corner, here are a few ideas:

King Knut (ruling 1080–1086) declared Christmas a 20-day celebration. So don't worry about dismantling your tree until St. Knut's Day, which spiritedly marks the official end of the holiday season on January 13. Trees were traditionally thrown from windows.

By some calendars, the official end of the season falls on Candlemas Eve, February 1. Displaying a tree beyond this date could bring bad luck. I wish I'd known this years ago.

Of course, you can always recycle your tree. Or you can go the ReadyMade route and transform it into a coatrack.

On the other hand, you can turn the tree dismantling into a drinking game. My father tells of a friend of his who, decades ago, left his fir up until St. Patrick's Day every year, at which time the fellow invited all his friends to a party. My father's memory is [ahem] a bit foggy on the details. But I suspect party-goers couldn't take a swig of anything unless they first removed something from the tree. Somehow they managed to safely strip the tree of ornamentation every year and have fun [read: get sloshed] doing it. For unemployed readers: A BYOB soirée may be just the pick-me-up you need when March rolls in.

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