Sunday, July 8, 2012

Outdone by a Cat

My physical activities have taken a back seat to pain for some time now, but I finally found an exercise program suitable to my limitations: Pilates. Even better, I need travel no farther than my own neighborhood for the classes, giving me no excuses for tardiness or poor attendance.

I’ve actually been enjoying the instruction, even feeling good about my progress and improved agility—at least, I did until the cats visited us.

As Zuzu reclined next to me on the couch one night, I rubbed her tummy and she began flaunting her own Pilates moves. She effortlessly stretched and contorted her tiny body in ways that no amount of practice will ever afford me.

I know it’s foolish to compare myself to a cat. Nonetheless, Zuzu managed to make quick work of my newly budding confidence. Oh, the humiliation!

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