Saturday, June 16, 2012

Les Chats Have Arrived

My pet-sitting obligations have begun and so far, no good.

The two sibling felines are so terrified they’ve not stirred from their hiding place: a large cabinet that sets on a hollow pedestal. We’ve had this piece of furniture for years, yet I had no idea that from the back of it, its base is open and stands about 6 inches high. (Silly me. I thought we had nowhere the cats could escape to and in less than a minute, the cats knew right where to go.) The poor cats can’t even stand up, which I suppose was fine for the first few hours of their concealment but makes for a poor long-term choice of refuge.

They talked to me momentarily this morning when I tried to entice them out with their favorite canned food, but they couldn’t bring themselves into the light. I’m heading to the store next for some premium catnip toys.

I’m trying not to take this personally, especially in light of the fact that other neighborhood kitties follow me around, RUN to me when they see me going down the street.

While I’m trying to prove myself worthy of the sisters’ trust, you might enjoy watching Will Braden’s Henri, a cat whose ennui reminds me of our Burmese. (Then, don’t miss Henri 2, Paw de Deux.)

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