Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall

Many animals look in a mirror and see trouble instead of themselves. They don’t recognize the image and may even be afraid of it.

I’m not sure our cat, Precious, recognized her own visage in the mirror—she never acted like she was seeing any other cat—but she certainly recognized the clear vantage point our foyer mirror offered her and spent a lot of time in front of it. The mirror gave her panoramic views of spaces beyond the foyer—the living room, the sun porch, the bedroom, the long hallway. She regally followed our every move and, I think, taught our dog to do the same. She had control with the mirror; she reigned over our household just by staring into it.

For a different take on mirrors and felines, watch this video of a kitten’s unfortunate first encounter with the looking glass:

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