Thursday, September 1, 2011

Stranger In A Strange Land – No. 20

On my way home yesterday from an outing, I passed an area in my neighborhood where I usually see lots of folks walking their dogs. This time, I saw a man walking a miniature horse.

I realize I live in the Horse Capital of the World, but this was not what I expected to see on a city sidewalk.

It brought to mind an old memory. Years ago, our pooch met a minihorse and her new foal who had been brought in from the country to spice up our neighborhood Blessing for the Animals. Nearby stood a couple of full-sized horses carrying police officers. The pooch was certain in her assessment of the large equines, but she regarded the minis as if they’d just stepped off a spaceship. The pooch was ready to go home before the ceremony even started.

That’s the latest from my ’hood. What’s new in yours?

[Pic from a now defunct monastery of the Poor Clare Nuns.]

This is part of an ongoing series regarding my transition from the Land of Lincoln to the Bluegrass State. For a list of previous articles in the series, just select Stranger in a Strange Land from the right of Lull, under “Choose a topic that interests you.”

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