Friday, September 23, 2011

Sorrowful News About Barbie

As National Farm Animals Awareness Week draws to a close, so has the life of Barbie.

Barbie lived the better part of her existence at Catskill Animal Sanctuary with her best friend, Rambo the Ram. She started out as a Broiler chicken, yet her lifespan was more than double that of her brethren who are sent to slaughter around 6 weeks of age, their huge mutant bodies already taxing their internal organs. They’re old within the first few months of their lives.

However, free-range chickens whose genetics haven’t been tampered with can live for 35 years.
Barbie was 3-1/2. She was fortunate to have found a home in CAS and to experience air and mobility and friendship.

[Top pic is Barbie. Little Evie of the Flying Ears is from Celtic Farm Animal Sanctuary, which had to close this year from lack of funding; someone adopted Evie. The bottom pics are from the Farm Sanctuary.]

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