Saturday, August 8, 2009

My Dog Has A ♥

One of my Web browsers opens to Yahoo! and the first thing it impressed upon me this morning was a pup with a heart on its side. It's the second such pup for the pet shop owner and she believes the hearts bring good fortune. 

Well, not to be outdone by some wee dogs on the other side of the world, I present my own pooch:

Her heart patch frequently draws the attention and affection of small children (who sometimes ask how we put the heart on her: "Is it a tattoo?") and sensitive souls—even those packaged in gang-banger attire. It changes people's perception of a "big dog." She's become an ambassador for large breeds in our 'hood (though technically, she's only a medium size). But getting her picture taken still makes her queasy.

That her heart is positioned sideways fits perfectly into my life. When I've peeked at my future through Tarot cards or Runes, there are always a few cards or stones turned sideways. Things aren't quite one way or another; neither this nor that. (Is there a word for that? Limbo. Neutrality. Oblivion.) Anyway, I guess the heart brings good luck to the pooch in the form of doting strangers, from whom she can't get enough love to satiate her.

Upright, sideways, upside down, or not at all: The heart patch, regardless of how it's arranged, is just one more element that makes this pooch one-in-a-million. 

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