Friday, September 9, 2011

Going Blind Is No Biggie

On my last trip to the library, I picked up Coping with Vision Loss: Understanding the Psychological, Social, and Spiritual Effects from the New Arrivals shelves. Here’s an excerpt from page 3 of the Introduction by authors Cheri Colby Langdell and Tim Langdell:

“Losing one’s sight does not resemble losing a limb. One is not disabled in quite the same way, and in fact, as we shall show in this book, one need not think of oneself as disabled or challenged at all. The blind person is not constantly conscious of any sense of loss; instead, the personality changes somewhat, but the person is still the same whole person as before.”

Now, dear readers, what do you think of that assessment? Please, please tell me your thoughts and I’ll tell you mine.

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