Friday, September 16, 2011

Rescued Is My Favorite Breed.

Oh. My. Dog.

Yesterday I failed to list the most obvious and greatest thing you can do for the Podencos and Galgos of Spain: Adopt one.

No matter where you live, the rescue groups will work together to get the pooch to you. Because the goal is not to shelter the dogs, it’s to rehome them.

[Pics from SOS Galgos and Galgos del Sol.]


Meerkat said...

This is heartbreaking. Thank you for caring and spreading the word.

C. J. Jackson said...

Thanks for reading, Meerkat. But alas, my readership is small. If each of the few people who read Lull would send a link to this post to someone else, and they in turn would do the same, we really could spread the word.
Peace by Piece,

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