Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Words on Wednesday

Today is Wednesday.

In the work world, it’s Hump Day for those toiling Mondays through Fridays—the midweek point at which you’ve clocked 2 days of drudgery with only 2 more to go. If your workweek, like mine, often includes Saturdays and Sundays, then Wednesdays are just another day.

In the blogosphere, today is “Wordless Wednesday.” Every Wednesday, participating bloggers post a photograph and nothing more—no explanation, maybe a caption. For fashion blogs, it’s the dress to die for; for pet blogs, it’s the cute animal set-up; for family blogs, it’s the Kodak moment.

I’ve no idea how this got started. (Yes, I could research it, but does it matter that much?) I suspect someone somewhere was quite keen on alliteration. Plus the wordlessness aspect saves a lot of time and brain power—no need to ponder a great idea for a post, no writing, no frustrated rewriting. Perfect space filler: title, photo, done.

Not one to follow the herd, I’ve avoided Wordless Wednesdays on Lull. I’m certainly fond of alliteration, though, so I could call it Wordy Wednesday just to be different. But I’m reluctant to make an ongoing commitment like that.

So, for one day only, I’m serving up random words for Wednesday (really more of a pointless post) and a random bit of art for your viewing pleasure.

[Art by Paul Gauguin. If Wednesday’s got you down, or you’re in need of a little armchair travel, head over to Google’s “Art Project” and tour some of the world’s greatest museums.]

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