Thursday, June 2, 2011

Today Only: Play A Game, Feed Joplin’s Homeless

This kind of breaking news often comes to me too late. However, if you’re reading this on Thursday, 2 June 2011, then you still have time to make a difference for the animals of Joplin, Missouri, who lost their homes to a tornado.

The FreeKibble “game” is one multiple-choice question, but you can choose to play more questions if you wish. And you can revisit the site throughout the day. Just choose Bow Wow Trivia or Meow Trivia or both.

This site donates food every day to shelters, but today the goods are dedicated to Joplin alone. Plus, if 1 million pieces are reached, the Halo pet food company will match it. (Halo is wholesome food for any pet and not typically the brand served in shelters.)

So let’s help the homeless four-leggeds get some highly nutritional food while they’re waiting for their old families or their adopters. Every click is worth 10 pieces of kibble.

[You can see some of the unclaimed pets (including birds, turtles, ferrets, and rabbits) on the home page of the Joplin Humane Society.]

A BIG THANK-YOU to the Lull reader who passed along this information!

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