Thursday, June 16, 2011

Help Hank Get A Home

Hey, Lull readers! If you’re on Facebook, maybe you can help this furry fellow.

Hank (a temporary name) was found by a woman in Palm Springs, California, who took him to her vet, where the following was revealed:

Hank had traveled a significant distance to get to Palm Springs—100 miles. He was chipped, but his guardian recently died. He loves people and gets along great with dogs. One of his legs was once broken and has now healed, so he wouldn’t make a sound running partner. But he walks fine and isn’t bothered by it.

What’s more, he’s got a winning smile—even after all he’s been through.

I know a million pooches are looking for homes as I write, but this is the one that’s front and center right now. Please help spread the word about him.

For more information, e-mail lilloflull at gmail dot com.

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