Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Match Made In Heaven

Remember Hank?

He was rescued in the California desert, 100 miles from his home. His human companion had died, but these were the only details his microchip revealed.

Don’t you wonder what happened to Hank after he lost his person? Did anyone take him in? Did someone dump him? Where was he headed when he set off on his trek? Had he visited the desert before? Or was he roaming with no particular destination in mind? How many people saw him? How many tried to help him?

He’s a friendly bloke, as you can see in these photos with a friend—eager to please, a glutton for affection.

Hank’s big personality won someone’s heart this week, someone whose heart had been wounded by the recent loss of his one-and-only canine companion.

It’s coincidence, of course. Any one of us could have fallen for the golden boy of Chow Chow heritage. But we like a good story, don’t we, sprinkled with a dash of mystery?

What better story could there be than two creatures, each recovering from a significant loss, who are celestially guided (by the ones they lost?) to each other? One hundred miles toward love. One hundred miles toward home.

Hank really has something to smile about now.

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