Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It's Not a Crime to Cry "Uncle!"

Being unemployed is tragic enough, but here's a newsflash: Life goes on. Even the bumpy and horrific bits of it.

That is to say that unemployment may feel like we've hit bottom, but mark my words: Life will keep swinging at us. We are not immune to the accidents and hardships it has to offer.

The difference is that we may have lost the community from the workplace that kept our chins up, lost the anchor of structure that a job provides. So coping with these additional punches is that much more stressful, more painful, more disappointing, more irritating, more More MORE intense.

My "Aha!" moment may very well be a "Duh" moment for you. I realize that all those articles about unemployment mention the importance of networking and support groups in relation to being unemployed, but I hadn't considered their importance in relation to Life's routine trials.

We have to persist in talking to people, telling them what's going on in our worlds, allowing them to advise and console, allowing ourselves to admit we're lodged between the proverbial rock and hard place. Let people in. Don't feel embarrassed about it or feel guilty over it or feel like we owe them something in return.

Let people in. It helps them grow and helps us heal. 

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