Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I'm No Dr. Dolittle

I was on the Huffington Post yesterday and noticed the debut of this little guy. Isn't he adorable (in that only-a-mother-could-love way)? Unfortunately, his mother proved herself as nonmaternal with his previous two siblings so he (nameless as yet) is being bottle-fed and cared for by two zookeepers.

Now there's a profession I considered at a very young age: zookeeper. When I was 5, my father drove our family on a cross-country road trip to the West. And one of the most memorable stops for me was the San Diego Children's Zoo.

Zookeepers there fed tiny lions, carried diapered primates, and played with a variety of nature's youngsters. What a noble and every-minute-filled-with-fun career, my 5-year-old self thought.

I still think about it, and have even perused some job sites for zoo personnel. But I don't have the credentials to be allowed to interact with creatures, and I think I'd be a short-timer in a position like Stall Cleaner.

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