Friday, September 4, 2009

E-Hugs for the Unemployed

Yesterday I mentioned Unemployment Haiku Weekly as a source for poetry. But it's also a great source for more Web sites that focus on displaced workers. Here are a few others I've run across:

Though this site focuses on ad industry professionals, you'll find relevant and entertaining material here provided by creative and engaging folks. Be sure to check out Erik Proulx's trailer to his documentary on the unemployed, Lemonade.

This is billed as "the definitive unemployment blog." It has a number of contributing writers reporting on unemployment-related news, giving job-hunting and unemployment-enduring advice, and creating a community of displaced workers (especially in California). You'll also find lots of videos on this site. 

This tongue-in-cheek site could make you chuckle—or it could tick you off. 

This site promotes networking events [gleeful pity parties?] for freelance creatives in Minneapolis. But it could be franchised.

You'll find all kinds of challenges people have faced on this site, plus communities divided by topic.

Whatever you're looking for—inspiration, commiseration, insight, community—you may bump into on the Web. But whatever you do, just don't let go.

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