Sunday, September 6, 2009

Caught in a Flurry of Activity

This week (since Thursday) has been a most unusual one.

We've had two visitors, which is something akin to saying "We had snow in the Sahara this week."

One visitor came to bid us farewell before heading west to a new and as yet undetermined life. My husband and I are both a bit envious. We, too, would like to pull up stakes and start over somewhere. But we feel encumbered by decisions and logistics and conflicting advice from others. 

Our other visitor simply came to check up on her former teacher (i.e., my husband). Her adult life and career are just beginning. She's pursuing her Ph.D. and planning a January wedding. And yesterday she flew a kite for the first time in her life. We will take pleasure in watching her journey.

My unemployment pay has been reinstated after a curious three-week hiatus. I think it might have had something to do with moving from the state plan to the federal plan, but I'm not sure. I'm just relieved that cash is going IN to my bank account as well as OUT.

I haven't heard from my lawyer about my eviction case—when the next court date is, what my options look like, whether I should go ahead and rent the apartment we found. Grrr.

Well, well, well. I received a letter (literally, the envelope was addressed only to me) from my current landlord yesterday. He/They/It returned my August and September rent checks and advised me to deliver money to him/them/it by way of my attorney. I know that what I'm about to tell you will sound petty, but that's where I'm at with this matter right now. Before I scanned and e-mailed the letter to my attorney, I made a copy of it to edit it. Yes, you read correctly: I marked up that missive in red ink because it was poorly written and rife with mistakes and insincerity. It's bad enough to be taken advantage of by someone with more power; it's humiliating and unthinkable for that entity/individual to retain said power AND demonstrate its/his/her ignorance of the English language. I was incensed. Still am.

I did something I said I would NEVER EVER do: I wrote in to a talk show. I'm feeling a little regretful about it, too. My only explanation is that I'd been wanting to write a short piece about my wedding—to commemorate it on one hand, and on the other to honor and thank the individuals who made it happen. By telling the media a little bit about it, I guess I thought that would motivate me to get the job done. Time will tell. The subject of the show was Cost-Saving Wedding Tips. 

Maybe nothing will come of it and I'll continue standing in this Web corner I've carved for myself. Or maybe something will come of it and I'll find the courage to revisit my Facebook page. 

Yesterday afternoon at the beach, a hawk flew right past me. He seemed a tad distraught as he tried to make his way through the caverns of high-rises. And last night, when I was driving our guest back to her family's home, an opossum caused me to swerve and brake suddenly. He had strips of fur missing, as if someone had purposely shaved  a striped pattern into him. Eww. Fortunately for all of us, he waddled off the road and the car behind me kept its distance from me. Disaster averted.

That's the latest from my little world. It's been exhausting for my husband and I suspect that once his former student leaves, he'll require bedrest for the next week or so. And so it goes.

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