Monday, July 20, 2009

My Deadline Looms . . .

This is my last month to find a job I really want. After this, I just have to find a job.

It's not the tack taken by many displaced workers, and I realize it's probably frowned upon by the unemployment office, but why not try to get the right fit?

Job-hunting is more than sending out a résumé each day—the requirement for those of us pulling an unemployment check. If there are any folks out there who are succeeding with a cookie-cutter approach to cover letters—that is, using one basic letter, maybe making tweaks to it as needed, for all job applications—then I'm jealous. Because every job I've applied for has been different enough from the previous one that I've not repeated more than about a paragraph of my original letter.

And just finding a job to apply for takes time. Besides desiring the job opening advertised, I feel I have to be equipped with the skills required to successfully perform the job before I apply. I've seen a lot of jobs I'd LIKE to have. The one at NASA comes to mind. I know people who would have answered the ad regardless. But I don't want to pretend I'm something I'm not. And I don't want to fail at a job. So I didn't apply.

I've seen jobs I have more than enough experience to excel at but the company wasn't desirable or the responsibilities weren't challenging. And I've seen jobs that didn't pay enough or weren't in a locale that I want to move to. But those are exactly the jobs I'll have to start applying for next month.

Time for a little praying/chanting/meditating and magic.

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