Friday, July 31, 2009

A Birthday Bash for Word Enthusiasts

I decided to check out this weekend's events in the city. Typically, I find out after the fact and well up with regret that I missed something fabulous. I selected my trusty Flavorpill bookmark (choose your city; I like to pretend I live in London) and noticed that it's the 300th anniversary of Samuel Johnson's birth year. At first I thought today was his birthday, but it's not until September. I guess when you celebrate an entire year, you get 365 opportunities to justify eating cake.

To honor the lexicographer, some artists were commissioned by Dr. Johnson's House to create installations. It's a pity Dr. Johnson's House doesn't have any job openings. It has so much of what I've been looking for: preservation, architecture, history, language, the arts, and education all tied neatly into one enterprise. If it had an animal sanctuary on the grounds, it would be perfection.

Anyway, if you're in London, check it out. If you just need an excuse to eat cake or throw a party, now you have one. 

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