Friday, July 22, 2011

What Do Alexander Calder and Lull Have in Common?


I am a longtime fan of Calder’s work, and we share a milestone today: It’s Calder’s 113th birthday and Lull’s 500th post.

[Note for puppetry aficionados: Please check out Calder’s circus performance on YouTube.]

I created a little Lull word jumble for you to play today. It has 39—a random number, really; or you can think of it as Jack Benny’s favorite number (more randomness, I know)—surnames of people who have been quoted on Lull this year.

TO PLAY: Click-and-drag the jumble to your desktop and print it out (or open the JPG first to enlarge the puzzle). Then circle or color the names you see. The words may be read left-to-right, right-to-left, up, down, up diagonally, and down diagonally. If you need any hints, you can select “quotes” from Lull’s topic list (at the right of the screen), which will bring up all the quotes and the people who said or wrote them. To check your work, come back to this post for the link (below) to the answer key.

Click “answer key” to see or download it.

Oh! And don’t forget to grab some pie to celebrate.

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