Thursday, May 19, 2011

It’s NOT My Imagination

As I write, it’s not raining.

I’ve spent most of this wet season being grateful for the flowers it’s nurtured, but in truth, I’ve had enough of it. I like gray, when it’s a fabric or ceramic; a daily gray sky, though, can dampen the jolliest of spirits. Even without the rain, this morning’s sky remains overcast. Is a hint of blue too much to ask for?

Yeah, probably.

“The rain ceases, and a bird’s clear song suddenly announces the difference between Heaven and Hell.”
—Thomas Merton

I’m concentrating on the better news of the day: Two House Finches have braved our new bird feeder and tasted its special blend of seed. I hope other little birds will soon follow suit.

[Pic by Wes Griffin.]

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