Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Whaddaya MEAN You Didn’t Get Your Lull Freebie?

While corresponding with a Lull reader this weekend, it came to light that she knew nothing about Lil’ Bits*. And maybe you don’t either.Lil’ Bits is a small compilation of quotes published on Lull, divided into topics that frequently appear on Lull. I put it together for Lull’s one-year anniversary as a thank-you gift to loyalist readers. I had wanted to create an e-book, but had time only to build a PDF. You can access it by clicking on the link under LULL PRESS at right, just under the purple paw. Once you’re in Google Docs (which transformed my carefully chosen fonts into something unrecognizable yet still legible), you can view, print, or download it from there.

I’m working on the second-year anniversary gift. Any requests?

* FYI: The spelling of Lil’ stems from the pseudonym I initially used for Lull: Lill.

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