Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bow-WOW! Castaway Pooch Rescued in Japan

Did you see the news yesterday? The Coast Guard spotted life atop a roof floating off the coast of Japan. Against all odds, a dog was afloat wreckage from Japan’s earthquake-tsunami disaster of three weeks ago.

Can you imagine the rush those rescuers got from 1) Just finding anything alive, and 2) Successfully liberating the creature from certain death?

It took several hours—the initial helicopter attempt to reach the dog frightened it—but the boat operation finally triumphed.

Get that dog an agent! His/her Life of Pi–sized story is certainly bookworthy—maybe even destined for the Silver Screen. Think about it: Where was the pooch when the earthquake hit? Was anyone with him/her? How did s/he get to the roof? What did s/he experience once adrift? How did s/he stay alive? What made him/her press on?

[Idea for publishing community: Why not create something gratis and send ALL the revenues to Japan to fund animal shelters and caregivers?]

Kudos to the team of rescuers for deeming a canine’s life worth saving and for risking their lives to do it.

La chaim!

[AP photo.]

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