Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Click Through My Absence

y computer and I are parting ways for a few days.

But fear not! I can still give you plenty of things to read and ruminate on.

If you’re new to Lull, I encourage you to poke around in the archives, or use the search function at the right to find all the articles on a topic that interests you. Here’s a baker’s dozen of categories that get plenty of coverage on Lull:

job-hunting (or just put the word job in)

If you want a small collection of quotes that have appeared on Lull, click on Lil’ Bits at the right to view or download the PDF.

If you’ve already read every bleeding word I’ve posted to Lull, you deserve a reward. Tell the world in the comments section that you’re a Lull loyalist and I’ll enter your name in my upcoming raffle. Books, of course, are the prizes. For you, here are some blogs and Web sites you may enjoy. (But please don’t forsake Lull once you’ve strayed.)

Honey Rock Dawn
The Other End of the Leash
Easy Street Prompts
A Public Space
Daisy and Bob’s Blog
Tiny House Blog
Grain Edit
Save the Words
Is Greater Than
Forgotten Bookmarks

Whether you’re a new or loyal reader, please keep clicking on the purple paw to donate food to animal shelters.

Back soon…

[Drop cap by Jessica Hische.]

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