Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Taking the 365 Challenge

I've no idea where the 365 Project originated, but oodles of bloggers have taken it to heart. Lots of them post a pic a day for their version; others post a poem or drawing.

But the other day I came across a woman who chose as her challenge to read a book a day!

A WHOLE BOOK EACH AND EVERY DAY?! To prove what, exactly?

Granted, some were quite short, making it possible to stretch a longer book across several days. So really she simply read 365 books over the course of a year. But still.
What did she get from it? Did she enjoy any of the tales? (I confess I was so appalled I didn't take time to read through her progress and reports. And I failed to save her URL for you. Sorry.)

I'm at a crossroads right now with some of the books I've been reading bit by bit over the months. I've lost the mood for them. I don't want to give up on them, yet I don't want to race through them just to be able to say I finished them. I want to feel changed by them.

Part of the problem is that all of them are fairly thick or oversized in some way, which means they're not very portable. I can only read them at home. Unfortunately, one is a library book and it's dreadfully overdue right now. That's one I'm probably going to have to start again in the future when I have a big block of time to devote to it. It's not like me not to return a library book. (Santa? You know that, right?)

Well, you're not likely to see me devise a 365 Project for Lull. There are only two things I manage to do each and every day: Walk the pooch, and Worry. Those are challenging enough for now.

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