Sunday, December 6, 2009

Good Writing Yields Flour Power

I've just learned that a writer I've had the pleasure of working with has a Web site detailing her double life as a baker and student. It's called Flour Girl. (Be sure to visit from one of the links I've given so you end up in the right place; Google may not take you to the Flour Girl I know.)

Flour Girl has recently been awarded a home on Chicago Now, a site of bloggers blogging about everything Chicago. Check out her gingerbread Hancock Tower.

Oh! And if you live in Chicago, go there often—it's how bloggers get paid. Takes about 200 click-through
s for a blogger to make a buck. But I think they get paid only in $5 increments, so really it takes 1,000 visits to get the tally going. (What? Did you think writing was easy money?)

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