Thursday, August 6, 2009

Rare Sighting in Job Ad

While searching job boards yesterday, I happened upon a position I was both interested in and equipped with the skills to do. Then I noticed this: "Salary: Under $30,000."

Well, Glory Be and Hallelujah! At last an employer bold enough to state upfront that it has determined the value of the position. I may write just to say "Thank you."

Why? Because I didn't have to play that dreadful game of naming a desired salary that I could live with and that the employer might agree to. I didn't waste time sweating over the perfect cover letter for a job that wasn't going to pay me enough, and HR folks didn't waste their time reading it.

Don't get me wrong: $30,000 can go a long way in some parts of the world. But not in New York City. And that salary can be fine for someone who's just beginning a career, or for someone who doesn't really need the money—neither of which describes me.

So I'm grateful to cut to the chase. Sure, I can hear some HR consultants warn that by publishing a salary range, employers may be missing out on some stellar candidates with whom they could have negotiated. And in a different economy, I would agree. But right now, HR departments are barraged with résumés. Anything that can narrow the choices is probably appreciated by HR staffers.

I know I'm grateful for the honesty.

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