Monday, August 31, 2009

How to Handle Writer's Block Turned Inside Out

At the top of the screen of most Blogger blogs, there is a selection called "Next Blog." Choose it and it takes you to another Blogger blog. It is by this vehicle that I've been traveling around the blogosphere and visiting other bloggers. I've noticed a trend of apologies made for not blogging daily. Some folks say that Life has simply prevented them from time on the blog, while others write that they've nothing to write about. Not writer's block really, but writer's emptiness.

I have an entirely different problem that I haven't seen addressed yet. 

Sometimes I don't write because I have SO MUCH to say. Every time I want to share some little gem I've observed or overheard, it starts connecting to a million other topics and ideas and curiosities roaming through my mind and I worry that I won't be able to stop writing. Or that I won't be able to shape my thoughts into a coherent serving for readers. 

I also feel guilty because during a Lull, I feel that my computer time should be spent on either searching for a job or writing a cover letter for one. Intellectually I know this isn't true, but you know how guilt works. (If you don't, I envy you.)

Anyway, I wanted you to know one of the reasons I don't post every day. At some point I might catch up to the folks who believe they have nothing to write about; after all, I've only just begun blogging. But that will be far into the future. For now, I have lots to share and lots to learn about getting this blog to display the aesthetics I envision to accompany my writing. Lots of experimenting ahead.

Oh. The headline for this post is misleading and pure laziness on my part. I don't know how to handle "Writer's Block Turned Inside Out." But I'm working on it.

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