Sunday, March 4, 2012

Seeking the Truth About Reprehensible Human Decisions

After attending the Humane Lobby Day, I decided to add The Sociopath Next Door to my reading list—sooner rather than later.

Yes, this is due partially to the horror stories I heard from animal activists. But mostly it’s due to the other (worse) tales that were a mixed bag of evil and thoughtfulness (literally, in one case: Several small dogs were abandoned alongside a road in a large, half-full bag of dog food. Two were on the brink of death when rescued, one had already died.)

Where do these people fall on the mental disorders scale? Where does a legislator fall who doesn’t want to risk losing hunters’ votes so he makes it legal for hunters (and not the rest of us) to carry firearms (as protection) into state parks and wildlife conservation areas? Where do agribusinesspeople—who shift and twist the English language into an unrecognizable lexicon that conceals the truth of what they do—fit into the mental disorders range?

So many questions like these keep bubbling in my brain that I have to get some answered or I won’t be able to think straight. I hope this book delivers.

[Art by Jacob Hoefnagel.]

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