Saturday, March 31, 2012

Seeing Blue: Cats ’n’ Cardinals

It’s March Madness once again.

In 2010, I honored the occasion with a basketball-related grammar post. In 2011, books and madness were the topics of discussion.

This year, with the University of Kentucky Wildcats playing their archrivals, the University of Louisville Cardinals, I feel obliged to watch a little basketball today. I may be the only Lexingtonian who hasn’t donned blue apparel, eaten blue food, or planted blue flowers this past week to show how True Blue I am—to prove I not only See Blue but Bleed Blue. Oh, yeah. Blue is THE color here in the Bluegrass and people take it VERY seriously. “Go Big Blue!”

On the other hand, with streets silent and stores empty, I’m tempted to run out and stir up a little of my own brand of madness.

[Art by Don Engler.]

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