Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Walk for Old Dogs This Month

As the number of companion animals increases in this country, so increases the number of elderly animals abandoned and surrendered. These are the creatures most often overlooked at the pound, the creatures some folks are even repulsed by. Why? Depends on the person.

A greying dog for instance, isn’t pretty enough for some people—not fast enough or playful enough or shiny enough. The dog may suffer from a skin condition or tumor or scarring that mark it in a distasteful way. The dog may be blind or deaf or movement-impaired, all demerits in the eyes of the repulsed.

But what these people fail to see is the inside of such animals. They still have heart and desire to please and the need to be loved and cared for. These are the animals some specialty advocacy groups aim to serve (like Old Dog Haven mentioned earlier on Lull). They’re looking for people who are willing to provide a comfortable home for senior companion animals, be it for a few weeks, months, or years. A place where these animals can spend their last moments showered with affection and proper care. (See the earlier Lull post, “Seeing Dogs As Individuals,” about Sarge the Elderbull.)

To attract awareness to the plight of homeless elderly canines, November is Adopt-A-Senior-Dog Month. In honor of the occasion, The Grey Muzzle Organization, a fundraising charity that supports senior dog advocacy groups, is hosting an event anyone can participate in. It’s the Virtual Old Dog Walk. You can walk for real, walk in your imagination, or while lounging at your computer. You can ask friends and family to support your walk, or you can just make a donation yourself. The event mascot is Thomas (pictured here; I think he and The Spotted Thing could have been good pals).

Please click through the links to see the good work The Grey Muzzle Organization is doing with very little money. Imagine how much more they could do with our help.

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