Sunday, November 6, 2011

Art and Animals: A Winning Combination, Inside or Out

This is the first thing I saw when I opened my browser yesterday:

I started to share it with you yesterday, but didn’t because as I was trying to determine the story behind it, I got mired in discussions of whether it was Photoshopped, whether the horses were receiving decent care, and various interpretations of the setup. The photo has been around the Internet several times in the last nine years and is currently enjoying a new round thanks to … oh, I don’t know—some content aggregator’s desperate need to entice us to stay on its site, regardless of how old the news it circulates is.

Regardless of the circumstances, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. It stoked my imagination. First and foremost, having my own field of horses is a huge pipedream. But beyond that, I started noodling about how I could shelter my herd in a similar fashion.

There’s always the traditional run-in shed with a twist: My husband would delight in building several à la various architects or styles—Frank Lloyd Wright, Antoni Gaudí, Santiago Calatrava, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. Or I might choose nothing but varying styles of jumbo lamps (Tiffany, Noguchi, Mission) or oversized chairs (Eames, Biedermayer, Stickley, Mackintosh). My ideas also ran to huge sculptures of all the animals I’ve shepherded to the afterlife over the years: the pooch, the cats, the canaries, the baby bunny, the fish. Could all look like folk art or maybe painted according to different artists’ styles (Pollock fish, Klimt cats, Dürer bunny, Edo-period birds, Koons pooch). All the animals I’ve loved together in one place. How fabulous would that be?

Anyway, here’s the pic. Where does it take your imagination?

[Furniture by Jens Braun; photo by Jens Meyer for AP.]

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