Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Saving the World, One Click at a Time

I've been on the Free Rice site numerous times, yet every time I've been so focused on the language questions that I never noticed there were other topics to choose! Duh!

It reminds me of how I feel in that recurring dream I have: My husband and I and our menagerie live in tight quarters for years and suddenly one day we realize that the middle door in the hallway opens to an additional spacious wing of the building that's all ours. Or the stairway we never use leads to a large, lush garden that's ours alone to enjoy.

So this weekend, for the first time, I tested my art knowledge. I was pleasantly surprised by how many items I got right, irritated by the ones I missed. (Rembrandt, for goodness' sake. How could I get Rembrandt wrong?)

Anyway, please click over to Free Rice and feed the hungry. There are enough topics to match anyone's interests.

But don't forget to click on the purple button to the right and feed the animals.

No matter what misfortunes befall us, we can still make a difference in the world with a click.

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