Saturday, October 17, 2009

I'm OK, You're OK—OK?

Tania Khadder over on Unemploymentality brought my attention to a column run by Glamour magazine called "Hey, it's ok!" Its inspirational aim is to make readers feel better about their less-than-appropriate or irrational feelings and behaviors. Like, Hey! It's OK if . . .
. . . You use the address labels a charity sent to you without sending them a donation in return.

The jobless Khadder decided to create a list for her fellow brethren, the unemployed. Here's one example:

Hey! It's OK if . . .
. . . You don’t make your bed. Especially if you never really get out of it.

For a smile, check out her 2 October 2009 post. Better yet, send me your own ideas and I'll publish them on Lull.

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