Friday, February 1, 2013

A Surprise from the Library

We rode our bikes to the library this past weekend. My husband stayed on his, but I, alas, wound up on the ground. No, there was no other cyclist or driver involved. Sometimes Gravity likes to perform a pas de deux with me. (Which is to say I’m a lousy bike rider. You know how folks say, “Don’t worry! It’s as easy as riding a bike”? That never puts my mind at ease.)

Anyway, we picked up the special-request book I had waiting for me and returned home—much more slowly than the first half of our trip. As it turned out, we brought home a lot more than that single book.

What populates libraries on a grander scale than books? Germs.

Yup. We both have the flu now. I guess as long as I’m sore from the fall, I might as well cough like a seal too. I just wish we had a trio of Florence Nightingales like the ones pictured to be our caregivers.

Hope you’re staying well this winter…

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