Sunday, January 13, 2013

Mouth Wide Open

Upon leaving my dentist appointment the other day, I could not get a break to access the frontage road that would lead me home.

So I tried a workaround: I took a back path behind a strip mall to reach a side street that would intersect my return route. And what did I spy?

Between the strip mall and the backside of a 1940s neighborhood development stood a small patch of grassy field and one bush. Foraging beneath the bush ambled three chickens—much like the one pictured, although sans accessories.

I stopped the car to fully experience the Wow moment—the juxtaposition of strip mall, manicured homes, and farm animals all within a few yards of one another.

Obviously another reminder for me that the workarounds of our lives often work out better than the plans.

[Art by Miss Mavis Stevens.]

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