Sunday, December 30, 2012

How to Turn One Dollar into Two

Now that I have your attention—for who doesn’t want to double their money?—please allow me to make a plug for animals.

If you have any spare greenbacks this month, here are three organizations where your dollar will go further: the National Audubon Society, Catskill Animal Sanctuary (CAS), and the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). Each organization has a special donor or group of donors who offered to match other donations dollar for dollar up to a certain point ($150,000 for Audubon; $30,000 for CAS; $70,000 for HSUS). Even a $10 contribution on your part will transform into a $20 donation.

BUT you have to donate before the clock turns to 2013. Yes, you have only until midnight tomorrow to cash in on this great deal.

If you give to Audubon, your money could help rebuild habitats destroyed by humans and weather, collaborate with architects to develop bird-safe high-rises, or continue the collection of at-risk bird data for improved conservation and protection. Donate more than $20 and you can be an Audubon member.

If you give to CAS (the farm animal rescue I’ve described in several posts: “A Barnyard Lady Killer Bids Farewell,” “You’re Never Too Old to Start a New Life,” “If You See It, Report It”), you could be paying for hay—a farm staple whose prices continue to soar with extreme weather conditions, for vet care for animals who have been neglected or abused, or for education classes to teach the next generation how to be better stewards than we’ve been.

If you give to HSUS, your money may be used to fight for new legislation to protect animals or to provide rescue workers to natural disaster areas.

Maybe you know of another operation where your dollar will be matched on behalf of animals, but NOW is a good time to contribute a little and give a lot.

Here are direct links to each organization’s secure donation page:


[Photo of Buddy, a blind horse at CAS, by Dick Crenson. Buddy is enjoying a new and special friendship with Sioux. Photo of Brown Pelican by Roger Williams—part of Audubon’s photo contest.]

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