Friday, February 17, 2012

The Contraceptives Controversy

The recent brouhaha over religion and contraceptives brings to mind our youngest cat…

She was a wild little tortoise—tiny enough to stand atop any doorknob and paw it until she opened the door—a nonstop action figure until bedtime. She’d wait for both my husband and I to get settled in bed, the lights out, and then, regardless of what we may have had in mind, she’d pounce onto the bed and burrow between us beneath the covers.

She had rules, too:
1. She demanded constant contact with both of us.
2. Once she was comfortably snuggled between us, we weren’t supposed to move. At all.

The first few times this happened, we thought it sweet and cute. Thereafter, we found it annoying. We dubbed her nightly ritual “catraception.”

[Art by Jessica Hische.]

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