Thursday, December 1, 2011

Stupidity Goes Bipartisan on Horse Slaughter Legislation

Here’s a brief roundup of brilliance from U.S. politicians. I’ll post my rebuttal soon.

“We wanted to allow horse slaughter again in America because of an unanticipated problem with horse neglect and abandonment.”
—Rep. Jack Kingston, R-Georgia

Horse owners in Cole’s district are “pretty unanimous that they want the means to deal with an excess population.”
—Rep. Tom Cole, R-Oklahoma

The federal horse-slaughter ban devastated “an entire sector of animal agriculture for purely sentimental and romantic notions.”

—Rep. Sue Wallis, R-Wyoming

“In Montana, we’ve seen some sad cases of horse abandonment and neglect as owners struggle in this tough economy. Now we can fight to revive the jobs shipped to Canada and Mexico as a result of this ban along with making sure injured and sick horses are not abandoned or subject to inhumane treatment.”
—Sen. Max Baucus, D-Montana


Grey Horse Matters said...

This is all such bull. I hope they don't reopen these abusive plants and stop shipping to Mexico and Canada too. Canada by the way just put forth a bill to ban the slaughter in their country. Good for them, guess that's why we're going to pick up the slack. Who knows what the thought process is here. What we need is education on breeding so there are less unwanted horses. But I could on and on about this for pages. I hope they don't pass the bill.

cj said...

Thanks for weighing in, Grey Horse Matters. You’re absolutely right: Breeding is a huge problem in this country. Regardless of which way legislation sways on the topic of horse slaughter, we still have to address horse breeding.

Thank you for the heads-up on Canada. Some Web sites are calling for non-Canadians to help with the cause and voice their support of banning horse slaughter in Canada.

Though Obama already approved the recent U.S. bill lifting the ban on USDA inspectors’ availability for horse slaughter plants, we can still put some muscle behind the more critical legislation proposing a complete ban on horse slaughter, including any sales and transportation that would result in horse slaughter. Go to and vote on the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act of 2011, S. 1176 and H.R. 2966.

I’m not done talking about this. I was just so livid (and despondent) when I heard what the politicians on the appropriations committee had done that I couldn’t address it properly here.

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